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Meet Misti Groves, LevelTen's New Vice President of Business Development

LevelTen News
December 1, 2020

Misti Groves, LevelTen's new Vice President of Business Development, knows a thing or two about corporate renewable energy procurement. Prior to joining LevelTen, Misti was the Director of Cleantech Client Management at Schneider Electric, where she helped Fortune 1000 companies navigate renewable energy purchases. And prior to that, she was a Senior Director in the Strategic Renewables division of Renewable Choice Energy, where she also played an advisory role in corporate procurement decisions.

But she wasn't always an energy advisor: After graduating law school at the University of California Berkeley, Misti spent almost five years as a lawyer representing private and public clients on environmental, air quality, energy and land use issues. Before that she completed an undergraduate and graduate degree in Atmospheric Sciences and worked as a consultant, focusing on risk analyses and environmental contamination and remediation.

Misti is on a mission that keeps her up at night. "Global warming gets me up in the morning and keeps me up at night. For my entire career I've been looking for the toolbox to mitigate climate change," she said. "Through my law degree and working as a consultant, it became clear to me that the energy transition was how I could do that. I realized I could make an impact by harnessing corporate buying power and aligning environmental good with business enterprise."

For the past year, Groves has dedicated her time and expertise to teaching and advising at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she is a Graduate Instructor and Capstone Advisor. "I am always looking for things to do that are impactful. Corporate renewable energy buying is impactful. What is the next phase? Teaching the next generation who may work in the corporate world or develop utility-scale projects." Her career trajectory is an inspiration for other women who are looking to enter the (still) male-dominated renewable energy industry, and Groves said that mentoring young women in the program has been a fulfilling part of her role at the University.

At LevelTen, Groves will be researching and identifying the opportunities the company should pursue next on its mission to accelerate the clean energy transition. "LevelTen is engaged in a mission that I find personally and professionally compelling. It's about breaking down barriers, it's about thinking outside the box, it's about all the things that need to happen to make this acceleration possible. We're running out of time: Corporations need access to good projects. They need transparency. We need to demystify the process so that smart people can make smart decisions."

"Misti's experience as a corporate PPA advisor, an attorney with experience in PPA negotiations and strategic partnerships, and her deep industry expertise in accounting, policy, and wholesale markets will be invaluable as LevelTen explores which problems to solve and which markets to serve next," said Jason Tundermann, Chief Operating Officer, LevelTen Energy. "She not only has a passion for our mission, but the drive and experience to ensure LevelTen delivers the renewable transaction infrastructure with the largest impact."

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