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  • A Proven Source for Offtake
    The LevelTen platform has facilitated nearly 4 GW of renewable energy PPAs.
  • Access to Buy and Sell Projects
    Get the top offer and acquire the best projects on the LevelTen Asset Marketplace
  • Intel to Stay Competitive
    Receive exclusive market reports, real-time pricing feedback and custom project rankings to inform key development decisions.
  • Confidential & Secure
    You control when and to whom you reveal confidential information, and only validated buyers and advisors can access your anonymous project data.

Get key metrics for your project and see how it ranks within the market

What Developers Have to Say

“Innovative procurement solutions like LevelTen’s platform enable developers to efficiently and effectively engage with customers who seek to maximize renewable energy contracting as part of achieving their sustainability goals.”
National Grid Renewables
"The LevelTen Energy platform has allowed us to get our projects in front of more customers, with less time and effort involved, allowing us more time to focus on advancing our projects. The platform…provides concise market feedback that results in less preparation time and more accurate offers leading to greater success.”
Bill Morrow, County Manager, USA
"LevelTen is the leader in providing consistent market pricing feedback to developers, both on a quarterly market-wide basis as well as a developer-specific project-by-project basis. This enables us to provide timely, competitive pricing and project information to their client base."
Sarah Pendergast, Origination Manager
8minute Solar Energy
"LevelTen’s online platform makes it easy for developers to understand the buyer’s view of projects. With a driven team focused on customer success, we value LevelTen as a trusted partner.”
Tija Putelis, Renewables Associate Originator
"LevelTen has enhanced the renewable procurement process for buyers and suppliers through their innovative marketplace. By offering transparency and guidance throughout the procurement process, LevelTen brings value to all sides to drive smooth and successful transactions."
Jared Gottdiener, Origination
Enel Green Power North America

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