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Instantly get the data and analytics needed to show complete PPA value and risk
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See how different electricity forecast providers project net cashflows

How it Works

The industry’s most sophisticated PPA risk and value insights, and the analysis you need to confidently select the best PPA—and communicate that to senior leaders.
Easier Decisions
Instantly see which PPA has
the highest projected NPV
Safer Decisions
Assess the optimistic, pessimistic,
and most likely outcomes
Faster Decisions
Eliminate months of manual data collection and spreadsheet analysis

Modern Analysis for Today’s Market

With a complete view of the market, direct data feeds, and the industry’s most sophisticated cloud-based analytics, LevelTen's CFO-Ready AnalyticsSM deliver a level of automated insight simply not possible with manual analysis.
Compare Values,
Not Prices
Based on daily tracking of historical and forward power prices in regional markets, projected power generation, renewable penetration, weather data, forward gas prices and more

Get the Full Risk Profile
LevelTen runs 20,000 Monte Carlo simulations on every offer, every day, to assess upside and downside financial risk, while also tracking project development maturity to assess the likelihood of completion
PPA Portfolios
Know which combination of PPAs will match your energy usage 24/7, deliver maximum value by diversifying risk, and have the greatest carbon emissions reduction benefits
Compare the best-case, worst-case, and most likely settlement values

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