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Energy Buyers

A Better Way to PPA

Tap directly into the power of the world’s largest
renewable energy procurement platform
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Find a perfect match on the world’s largest PPA marketplace

With direct access to the LevelTen platform, you or your advisor can access the global supply, tools, and analytics needed to avoid risky deals and secure the best renewable PPA —before anyone else

Track PPA results online with LevelTen’s Performance Monitoring Software

Compare Every Option
Know you’re evaluating all the options with access to 4,000+ PPA offers across North America & Europe.
Understand the Risks
View and compare the likely NPV of contracts with CFO-Ready™ Analytics that calculate over a billion data points a day.
Get Custom Offers, Fast
With RFP Automation, get custom offers and the analytics to vet them—no spreadsheets required.
Monitor PPA Performance
Instantly see the RECs/GOs you’ve received, what you’ve earned or paid, and what’s forecast so you can plan ahead.

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