GC Trading Alliance

Building the market infrastructure for time- and location-based carbon-free energy

A new phase of energy leadership

The Granular Certificate (GC) Trading Alliance is motivated by the belief that decarbonizing with greater efficiency and granularity cannot wait, and collective action is required to accelerate this evolution. Great progress has been made toward deploying more CFE resources. Now it is time to create market signals that spur the development of new clean energy resources and maximize the emissions impact of CFE procurement.

launching in 2024

A new platform to trade and manage granular certificates

The GC Trading Alliance has come together to build a new GC trading and management platform, developed by LevelTen Energy and ICE. The platform is designed to incentivize new clean energy availability, drive down the cost of that energy, transact quickly – and ultimately, make achieving ambitious clean energy targets possible for a wider number of clean energy buyers and sellers.

Built on shared goals

The transition to granular certificates is garnering industry-wide support and it will take a vibrant ecosystem of partners to support GC market development. The GC Trading Alliance is proud to have the support of organizations who share in these core principles:

  1. Easily connect buyers to a new, flexible granular procurement option, which may lower the cost to achieve ambitious procurement strategies.
  2. Enable the trading of GCs in alignment with guidance established by relevant standard-setting bodies (e.g., EnergyTag).
  3. Ensure environmental legitimacy in such trades (e.g., transparency; no double-counting; etc.).
  4. Provide price transparency on where and when clean energy is most needed, to help inform future project development decisions and incentivize clean energy investment in the places and times of day where demand is greatest.
  5. Allow existing firm carbon-free resources to access a marketplace to sell CFE, which may help facilities extend their operational life.
  6. Provide price transparency into the value of carbon-free resources during scarce hours.
  7. Allow energy buyers with granular CFE procurement goals to liquidate "long" positions and fill temporal gaps in their CFE portfolio that are not easily addressed through PPAs or other existing contracting mechanisms.


Supporters' endorsements are of these core principles and not necessarily of any LevelTen product or marketplace solution.

Alliance member initiatives in action

Offering innovative generation, infrastructure and data-driven clean energy solutions to accelerate the future of energy, together

Generation, supply management, and data analytics for hourly CFE matching

Operating on 24/7 carbon-free energy by 2030

A commitment for a decarbonized grid

Industry research library

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