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Performance Monitoring

Track your true PPA performance and progress toward reaching your renewable energy goals

Get started
Instantly see how your PPAs are performing and are projected to perform

How it Works

Leveraging direct data feeds, LevelTen’s online dashboard automatically calculates PPA settlement payments and tracks the performance of your entire PPA portfolio.
Quickly Pull Reports
Instantly view important PPA/portfolio metrics
Verify Settlements
Avoid costly invoicing errors with automated settlement analysis
Improve Portfolios
Know what steps to take next to meet goals and improve results

Get Better PPA Reports, Faster

Save time and money on PPA reporting and settlement verification and eliminate costly human errors by automating the process.

Easily Prepare Reports & Budgets
Instantly see the RECs/GOs you’ve received, what you’ve earned or paid, and what’s forecasted so you can plan ahead
Ensure Accurate Payments
With direct data feeds from projects, LevelTen’s software automatically calculates settlement payments for verification
Inform Strategic Decisions
Know which PPA to secure next to diversify risk in your portfolio or hit your renewable energy targets

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