LevelTen MarketPulse

Get instant access to real-time PPA data and analytics with a subscription to LevelTen MarketPulse, the industry’s only source of intelligence based on real market activity.  
Energy Developers
Stay ahead of your peers
Price PPAs competitively to win board and buyer approval quickly, and discover pipeline expansion opportunities first.
Energy Advisors
Maximize revenue
Simplify and speed up market analysis so that you can help more clients run successful procurements.
Energy Investors
Invest with confidence
Conduct thorough due diligence on debt financing and M&A opportunities with analytics that project PPA value over time.

With MarketPulse you can:

  • Run Better Analysis to Optimize Revenue –
    and Save Time Doing It
    • Use custom filters, such as commercial operation date and contract tenor, to make more precise price comparisons
    • Download spreadsheets that make it easy to plug data into your financial models 
    • Get the latest price data without spending weeks on an RFP or relying on stale public data. Obtain the information you need with just a few clicks
  • Get Instant Access to Real-Time Data & Analytics
    • Easily run searches for PPA, project, and RFP data, and generate custom reports
    • Use filters to zoom in or zoom out on data at the continental, ISO/country, or hub/zone level
  • Gain a Competitive Edge
    • Pre-configured charts help you visualize where PPA prices are today, and how they are trending
    • See which markets are in-demand now, and which have high-potential  
    • Build better financial models with value projections 

MarketPulse Features

Analyze the Market

Use dozens of filters to analyze the market through different lenses, and easily export the data you need in spreadsheets

Data Includes:

  • PPA Price Offer Data
  • RFP Data
  • Project Data (including development maturity)

Filter Categories Include:

  • Contract Structure & Terms
  • Geography
  • Energy Production
  • PPA/Project Status

Visualize the Market

Quickly spot trends with pre-configured charts and maps

  • Charts
  • Map
  • Time Series

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