LevelTen MarketPulse

Get real-time PPA data and analytics with LevelTen MarketPulse, the industry’s only source of intelligence based on real market activity in North America and Europe. 
Close more deals
The PPA market is volatile. Prices change weekly. Get real-time data that helps you price competitively, win investment committee approval, and close more deals.
Energy Advisors
Run more procurements
Demand for PPAs is higher than ever. Stay on top of the market with real price offers from hundreds of developers, give your clients insider insights, and run more successful procurements.
Energy Investors
Hit your financial targets
Your finance team wants to know: are you getting the best deal? Use the software that top developers rely on to price their PPAs. Hit your financial targets while pursuing your environmental goals.

With MarketPulse you can:

  • Get Real-Time PPA Price Data
    • Get the freshest PPA price data from North America and Europe. Prices are updated daily and available on-demand.
    • Trust your data. MarketPulse data comes from hundreds of real PPA price offers from developers — not theoretical algorithms.
    • Get the widest view of the market. Approximately 90% of North American developers and 60% of European developers are on LevelTen’s platform.
  • Maximize Revenue with Better Analysis
    • See the full picture. MarketPulse gives you: price spreads (P0, P25, P50, P75, P100), individual price offers, and price changes over time (P25).
    • Benchmark with precision. Compare PPAs by market, contract length, maturity, and many other critical details by using MarketPulse’s built-in pivots and filters. 
  • Get Ahead and Stay Ahead
    • Sharpen your strategy. Heat maps show you market liquidity, helping you understand where to develop projects and procure energy.

MarketPulse Features

Analyze the Market and Visualize Trends

Analyze the market and easily export the data you need in spreadsheets.
Quickly spot trends with key data displayed in charts, graphs, and maps.

Data Includes:

  • PPA Price Offer Data from hundreds of credentialed developers on LevelTen’s Energy Marketplace
  • RFP Data from developers’ bids on buyer-issued RFPs
  • Project Data that gives you a view into market liquidity

Analyze Data Based on Key Attributes:

  • Contract Structure & Terms
  • Development Maturity
  • Market (North American ISO / European country)
  • And much more

Visualize the Market:

  • Charts show price spreads according to tenor contract term length and development maturity
  • Graphs show you PPA price changes over time
  • Heat maps show you energy supply and demand

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