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Letter from the Director: 2024 Energy Scholars Applications Are Now Open

LevelTen News
February 12, 2024

My name is Kirsten Rota and I am the new Director of the Energy Scholars Program at LevelTen Energy. I’m pleased to announce that our program is now accepting applications for summer 2024. Energy Scholars is an eight-week paid program for college students from diverse backgrounds to gain exposure to the clean energy industry through structured learning, hands-on work, field trips, career panels, and mentorship. 

Since launching Energy Scholars in 2020, we’ve had 27 participants from a wide variety of backgrounds. Seventy percent of those who have graduated have since secured full-time jobs in the clean energy industry. We are proud to have been able to play our small part in enabling these young professionals to enter the sector.

The world’s energy system is undergoing a rapid transformation that will shape the way we work and live, and the habitability of our planet. We believe that the workforce that is building our new energy system should reflect the diversity seen in the communities that the system will serve.  

For many Energy Scholars, this program represents a new opportunity to explore the future of the energy industry for the first time. For others, this program is a continuation of college-level coursework. If you’ve thought of renewables and wondered how to make a career in this field, we hope that our program can be the vehicle to get you started.  

We have begun receiving applications for summer 2024 in Seattle. Our program provides housing at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus, as well as a competitive salary, and onsite and offsite activities. I am looking forward to reading your application and getting to know you better. We will be posting new highlights of our program throughout the spring and summer. We hope that you will get to know our program, our scholars, and enjoy hearing about the exciting work we are doing. 

Kirsten Rota

Looking forward,

Kirsten Rota

Kirsten Rota

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