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September 30, 2021

Christian Tinoco works at LevelTen Energy as an Origination Associate of Sales. He’s been a LevelTen employee for 2.5 years, joining in April of 2019. Christian recently sat down to provide some insights into his experience working at LevelTen Energy.

What did you do before joining LevelTen?

I worked in the telecommunications industry as a consultant for fiber-optic computer networking equipment on behalf of industrial clients.

What made you want to work in the renewable energy/climate tech sector?

It's a growing industry, and the world will always have demand for energy. But renewable energy is the technology we need in order to continue to grow sustainably as a society.

Why does LevelTen’s mission resonate with you?

I have always been into nature, and feel grateful to share this planet with the birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, and other species that also call Earth home. At LevelTen Energy, I am able to wake up every day knowing that our progress as a company helps accelerate the energy transition and mitigate climate change in order to build a better tomorrow.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the learning opportunities working at LevelTen provides. As a fast-growing company, you have the ability to wear many hats, and are always kept on your feet. I enjoy the fact that no day is the same, and that there are always ways to diversify my skill set. There are many opportunities at LevelTen to grow your career in the direction that suits you, and you’re supported and encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone and maximize your potential.

What do you think is the best perk or benefit LTE offers?

The best benefit is the unlimited PTO, which allows you to cool down after a stretch of hard work. Of course, there are always goals and milestones to reach, but having the ability and freedom to take a breather only increases that motivation to exceed your goals and work harder. There is a strong sense that LevelTen cares about the well-being of its employees.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Boxing. I enjoy training and helping out at a local boxing gym, called "The Boxing Gym Westside," where my younger brother also trains and competes as an amateur boxer. I often go to my brother's fights and tournaments, and love being able to support him as a second coach in his corner.

Christian (right) with his brothers Julio (left) and Gerardo (center) after one of Gerardo's boxing matches
Any hidden talents you’d like to share?

I enjoy design, and teach myself video editing and InDesign skills in my free time. I like to create brochures and content for the small boxing business I help support.

What’s your favorite LTE moment/memory?

Going to the Suncadia Resort as a team was a great team-building experience. But it's all the smaller events — from a monthly happy hour, to team bowling or dinners — that help build that crucial team chemistry. Everyone gets along at LevelTen Energy, and are always ready and wanting to support each other however possible.

Interested in working at LevelTen? Explore our open roles on our Careers page! We look forward to hearing from you.

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