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Get to Know Ryan Warren, LevelTen’s Newly Promoted Chief Commercial Officer

LevelTen News
May 27, 2021

Starting a new job is hard. Starting a new job right before a global pandemic hits seems impossibly challenging. Yet, for Ryan Warren, LevelTen’s newly promoted Chief Commercial Officer, joining the company in January 2020 helped bolster his belief in the company’s future. Ryan shared the reason behind that when he reflected on his two best days at work so far.

“The best day at work was my first day. I attended a strategy meeting with all the other leadership team members at LevelTen. They were working on a plan for how to tackle the exciting opportunity of accelerating the energy transition. I could immediately see the magnitude of the opportunity in front of me. We were talking about gigawatts of renewable energy and how we were going to make it easier for companies and entities to find it, and developers to build it. It was overwhelming and exciting to see that scale.”

“My second best day was the last day of 2020. Last year was challenging for the whole world. A lot of companies put a temporary pause on renewable energy procurements so that they could focus on addressing the pandemic. Yet despite that fact, nobody took their renewable energy priorities off the table. LevelTen actually ended up helping drive more renewable opportunities in 2020 than in 2019, and had a really exciting pipeline of new opportunities going into 2021, as companies tried to make up for lost time. Now, in 2021, our partners are doing more business with the LevelTen Platform than ever. So that’s all been really heartening.”

Prior to LevelTen, Ryan spent 25 years in sales and marketing roles for B2B enterprise software platforms before transitioning to renewable energy. The connecting thread between his time at start-ups and information tech giants like Dow Jones was his drive to “help customers get access to the technology they need to solve complex business problems.” That drive merged with a greater sense of purpose in 2016, when he realized that he wanted his career to align with a mission that mattered to him. That lightbulb moment led him to join energy efficiency analytics software company EnergySavvy, then to leading utility energy experience company, Uplight, and finally to LevelTen. 

In his 1.5 years at the company, Ryan has led the company’s branding and marketing efforts through an expansion to Europe, the creation of a new partner advisor network, and the launch of LevelTen’s second major product line, the LevelTen Asset Marketplace. As Chief Commercial Officer, Warren will continue to oversee marketing, as well as LevelTen’s sales, customer success, and commercial business teams. He will continue reporting directly to Chief Executive Officer Bryce Smith. 

Photo: Ryan Warren with his family.

LevelTen Energy

LevelTen Energy is the leading provider of renewable transaction infrastructure, delivering the marketplaces, software, automated analytics, and expertise required to accelerate clean energy transactions. The LevelTen Platform is the world’s largest online hub for renewable energy buyers, sellers, advisors, asset owners and financiers. The Platform includes the LevelTen Energy Marketplace, which delivers access to more than 4,500 power purchase agreement price offers spanning 28 countries in North America and Europe. It also includes the LevelTen Asset Marketplace, which brings together over 800 renewable energy project developers and owners, and delivers the online tools and expertise they need to buy, sell and finance assets quickly. Together, LevelTen and its partners share #OneGoal to accelerate the energy transition.

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