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LevelTen Energy Launches MarketPulse, Delivering Data and Analytics Critical to Navigating Today's Volatile Energy Market

LevelTen News
August 15, 2022

LevelTen MarketPulse provides instant access to anonymized power purchase agreement (PPA) price data, as well as renewable energy project data and analytics from the industry’s largest renewable energy platform.

LevelTen Energy, the leading provider of renewable transaction infrastructure and operator of the world’s largest marketplaces for energy and asset sales, today launched LevelTen MarketPulse, cloud-based software that provides instant access to real-time data and analytics based on real market activity in North America and Europe. MarketPulse enables clean energy developers, buyers, and investors to quickly analyze the market and make better-informed decisions, leveraging PPA and renewable project data from the industry’s largest hub for clean energy transactions.

LevelTen MarketPulse shows real-time PPA price data, which is available at the continental, American ISO/European country, or American hub/European zone level.

Traditionally, obtaining PPA price data was challenging for myriad reasons: price offers are generally only shared directly between buyers and sellers, and often as a product of weeks-long RFP processes that can result in outdated prices by the time they are completed. Without access to data from a centralized marketplace, clean energy buyers, sellers, investors and analysts struggled to get the data they needed for benchmarking, modeling and analysis.

“MarketPulse expands LevelTen’s platform and delivers greater transparency into the PPA market. MarketPulse empowers energy sellers to price their PPAs more effectively, buyers to quickly compare and benchmark price offers, and investors to conduct thorough due diligence and inform financial models,” said Prasun Chaudhury, director of Data Solutions at LevelTen Energy. “Instant access to fresh data is even more critical in today's volatile energy market, which has been changing rapidly over the past two years.” Since last year, renewable PPA price offers have risen approximately 30% in North America and 47% in Europe, indicating just how dynamic the market is.  

LevelTen MarketPulse is powered by anonymized data from the LevelTen Energy Marketplace, an online PPA marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. With participation from more than 90% of renewable energy developers in North America and more than 60% of developers in Europe, LevelTen provides MarketPulse subscribers with the most complete view of the PPA market.

Data on LevelTen MarketPulse is based on real market activity. Save time on market analysis with visuals like box and whisker plots, which show you the range that most PPA price offers fall within, as well as P25, P50, P75, and outlier price offers.

MarketPulse includes tools to analyze and visualize market trends. Analysis is made simple with filters that enable searches for PPA price data based on geography, development maturity, and other advanced attributes. The software also shows historical PPA price trends and projected settlement values. Charts and maps illustrate where projects are located and where demand is concentrated, and much more. MarketPulse subscribers can also download the underlying data to plug into their financial models. 

“We built LevelTen MarketPulse with input from renewable energy professionals who wanted a tool that would help them build better models and save time on market analysis,” said Chaudhury. “We believe we’ve created one of the most advanced PPA data tools on the market, and we are excited to continue expanding its features in the months to come.”

Learn More

Visit or sign up for a free webinar to get a short demo of MarketPulse and receive market insights from LevelTen’s data team: 

- August 25 (12-12:30 PM Pacific Time)

- September 27 (2-2:30PM Central European Time)

LevelTen Energy

LevelTen Energy is the leading provider of renewable transaction infrastructure, delivering the marketplaces, software, automated analytics, and expertise required to accelerate clean energy transactions. The LevelTen Platform is the world’s largest online hub for renewable energy buyers, sellers, advisors, asset owners and financiers. The Platform includes the LevelTen Energy Marketplace, which delivers access to more than 4,500 power purchase agreement price offers spanning 28 countries in North America and Europe. It also includes the LevelTen Asset Marketplace, which brings together over 800 renewable energy project developers and owners, and delivers the online tools and expertise they need to buy, sell and finance assets quickly. Together, LevelTen and its partners share #OneGoal to accelerate the energy transition.

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