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Introducing the 2024 Energy Scholars

LevelTen News
April 9, 2024

LevelTen Energy is looking forward to kicking off our Energy Scholars Program this summer! Now in its fourth year, the program is designed to address inequality in the clean energy industry by equipping students from underrepresented backgrounds with the education, mentorship, and networking they need to land jobs once they graduate. 

From June 25 to August 16, our Scholars will attend educational sessions with LevelTen Energy and our partners. In addition, each Scholar will be connected with a mentor and provided with networking opportunities to meet people in the clean energy industry. During their time in the program, they’ll receive free housing through the University of Washington, as well as travel accommodations and paid internships that include real-world projects designed to boost their resume and experience. 

The program would not be possible without our partners and sponsors, which include Clearway Energy, Energy GPS, Google, GridStor, SB Energy, and University of Washington. We’d like to thank them for their support!

This year we received nearly 400 applications for the program, and have selected 16 students from across the United States and around the world. We were blown away by their talent, drive to enter the industry, and passion for making a difference in the fight against climate change. 

Please join me in welcoming these amazing students to the program!

  • Dima Aljamal, St. Olaf College, Major(s): Quantitative Economics and Political Science: LinkedIn
  • Vivian Cao, Vanderbilt University, Major(s): Environmental Sociology and Human & Organizational Development: LinkedIn
  • Brady Gibson, Vanderbilt University, Major(s): Human & Organizational Development, Minor: Data Science: LinkedIn
  • Bryce Gibson, Rice University, Major(s): Electrical Engineering, Minor: Data Science: LinkedIn
  • Jaliyah Goodlow, Spelman College, Major(s): Economics, Minor: Computer Science: LinkedIn
  • Myles Hallett, Morehouse College, Major(s): Computer Science: LinkedIn
  • Anne Mai, San Jose State, Major(s): Computer Science: LinkedIn
  • Roya Mansour, John Hopkins University, Major(s): Materials Science and Engineering: LinkedIn
  • Nataly Mayison, Harvey Mudd College, Major(s): Engineering: LinkedIn
  • Param Nayar, University of Michigan, Major(s): Industrial & Operation Engineering: LinkedIn
  • Karina Osma Perez, Georgia Institute of Technology, Major(s): Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering: LinkedIn
  • Lucas Palomino Linares, University of Wisconsin, Major(s): Computer Science and Environmental Studies: LinkedIn
  • Clarence Sanders, Morehouse College, Major(s): Philosophy & Environmental Science: LinkedIn
  • Wali Siddiqui, Brown University, Major(s): Chemical Engineering/Applied Mathematics: LinkedIn
  • Benjamin Sylvester, Drexel University, Major(s): Environmental Studies and Sustainability: LinkedIn
  • Aarushi Verma, University of Utah, Major(s): Quantitative Economics and Philosophy of Science: LinkedIn

Thank you to all of our Scholars for your interest in the program; we look forward to working with you! 

If any organizations would like to support the program as a sponsor, please reach out to me at

Kirsten Rota

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