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Introducing: LevelTen’s New Developer Homepage

LevelTen News
May 25, 2023

The success of renewable energy developers is essential to building the sustainable future our world needs. At LevelTen, supporting developers in achieving their business goals is central to our mission of accelerating the energy transition. 

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the latest upgrade to the LevelTen Energy Platform, free to all participating developers to help them carry out their critical work: the Developer Homepage. When developers next log into the LevelTen Platform, they’ll be asked for their preferences around offtake and asset M&A insights before seeing a dynamic customized homepage, tailored to their needs.

The new Developer Homepage allows developers to:

  1. Stay informed on important Marketplace activity by receiving notifications when there are new RFPs that match their projects, or when action is required for their projects;
  2. Keep tabs on transactions their company is currently involved or interested in to keep negotiations moving along and get to close more quickly;
  3. View new RFPs and asset auctions relevant to their business goals; 
  4. See where buyers have been looking for PPAs and how many views their projects have received;
  5. Track the M&A markets to understand where deal activity is highest, as well as the capacity of projects expected to be up for sale in each market in the coming years; and more.

Today’s renewable developers need quality data and easily accessible insights to work with efficiency and build the clean energy capacity our world needs. The LevelTen Energy Developer Homepage marks a significant step in bringing developers the data they need in an actionable format — supporting them in their work creating a sustainable future. 

With any questions or feedback related to the Developer Homepage, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Penelope Ackerman at If you’d like to join the LevelTen Platform for free and create your own homepage, reach out to

Penelope Ackerman

As a Senior Product Manager, Penelope works with Commercial and Engineering teams to enhance the LevelTen Platform for developers.

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