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Apply Today: Energy Scholars Mentorship Program for Summer 2022

LevelTen News
March 19, 2022

We’re pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for our Energy Scholars Mentorship Program, a joint initiative between LevelTen Energy, EnergyGPS, Google, Microsoft, the University of Washington and Steelhead Americas, the development arm of leading international renewable developer Vestas. Energy Scholars aims to help address the energy sector’s opportunity gap by providing college students from underrepresented backgrounds with an immersive, fully-paid educational experience in the clean energy and cleantech space. Over the span of eight weeks this summer, 10 Energy Scholars will learn about energy markets, gain energy analysis skills, and explore different career tracks within the renewables industry. 

A Growing Program, Driven by Innovation

Energy Scholars will kick off the program in LevelTen Energy’s office, where they’ll gain insights into the world of energy market dynamics, analytics, software design, renewable technology, development financing, buyer contracting, and much more. Scholars will have ongoing access to the energy experts at each organization, with ample hands-on experience and informational sessions to provide deep subject matter knowledge:

  • EnergyGPS: As a leading energy analysis and consulting firm, EnergyGPS crunches the numbers. Clients rely on EnergyGPS for rigorous, unbiased advice relating to the value and risk associated with renewable resources. EnergyGPS will provide scholars with an understanding of how energy markets work, the fundamentals of energy trading, and what forces shape the market. 
  • Google: This year’s Scholars will benefit from the unique insights and resources provided by Google, one of the world’s most innovative and largest corporate energy buyers. Scholars will participate in a multi-day field trip to Google, where they’ll receive a behind-the-scenes look at how one of the biggest names in tech is working to rapidly decarbonize through cutting-edge approaches to renewable energy procurement. 
  • Microsoft: Microsoft is excited to welcome this year’s Scholars to their global Headquarters located in Redmond, WA. The Scholars will learn about how the company secures a resilient electricity supply to datacenters around the world, purchases gigawatts of renewable energy every year, and gives back to communities disproportionally impacted by environmental challenges.
  • Steelhead Americas: As the North American development arm of leading international renewable developer Vestas, Steelhead’s participation provides insight into the renewable development process: from initial siting and permitting, through to financing, construction, and commercial operation. 
  • University of Washington: The program will be run in collaboration with EarthLab and the Clean Energy Institute at the University of Washington. In addition, Energy Scholars have the opportunity to reside at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus: just a 10 minute bike ride from LevelTen Energy’s Fremont office.

The Energy Scholars Difference

Accelerating the transition to a clean energy economy is one of the most important challenges of our lifetime. The key to doing this successfully is by ensuring that leading companies can identify, recruit, and nurture skilled young professionals with the potential to lead this critical and fast-growing industry. Unfortunately, not every community has equal access to the mentorship, training, and network relationships that so often open doors. 

We look forward to welcoming another stellar cohort of Energy Scholars to Seattle this summer. Applications will be accepted until April 20. If you have any questions regarding the specifics of this program, please reach out to

Vicky Eriksson

Vicky is an accomplished entrepreneur, having previously founded two successful learning and development companies. Vicky has supported the scaling of a number of businesses, and possesses a wide range of skills, including operations management, project management, planning, writing, and research. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, with majors in Psychology and Linguistics from Rhodes University in her native South Africa.

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