Want a 10x Better PPA?
LevelTen is the safest and most cost-effective way for corporate and institutional (C&I) customers to purchase wholesale renewable energy.

By bringing liquidity and transparency to renewable power markets, LevelTen is mobilizing untapped corporate clean power demand and decarbonizing the grid more rapidly. Want to learn more?

Contact us → info@leveltenenergy.com

The LevelTen PPA Solution

LevelTen’s technology-enabled marketplace connects a broader class of C&I customers to utility-scale projects. Why buy power from the LevelTen marketplace?

  • 1Aggregation: Grouping buyers and sellers significantly reduces PPA costs
  • 2Lower Risk: Sharper analytics, diversified energy portfolios, vetted deal terms
  • 3Hassle Free: Transaction standards and credit solutions ensure that deals close, painlessly
  • 4Performance Tracking: Advanced, real-time reporting allows you to monitor and share the performance of your renewable purchases